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Right medication – Right route – Right dosage - Right patient - Right time

Specialising in the area of Patient ID and Safety focusing on the absolute positive identification of patients, medications, specimens and samples, treatments, lab results, and records, SATO provides comprehensive and affordable solutions to reduce your cost of operation, improve the quality of identification – all while empowering healthcare professionals with the tools to enhance their data collection needs.

Through the use of wristbands, labels and barcode and RFID-enabled printers, we aim to work with healthcare professionals meet the needs of their customers and regulations of global healthcare organisations and local legislation.

Cerner Certification

SATO's CG2 and CG4 series of printers have been certified for use with Cerner's Millennium solution, a platform of health care data management tools. The Millennium platform includes applications such as SurgiNet which automates patient information sharing for surgical teams, and FirstNet which helps automate Emergency Department workflows.

The certification of the CG2 and CG4 series allows SATO to provide accurate and reliable printing that is required of a robust healthcare IT solution.

Application Stories

Pharmaceutical Testing Laboratory Eliminates Manual Labelling
Pharmaceutical Testing Laboratory Eliminates Manual Labelling. Automated solution saves time and labour for pharmaceutical testing facility. > more

Patient Education
Interactive pre-procedure education tool increases patient knowledge, reduces patient anxiety and improves patient-provider interaction. > more

Track/Trace Solutions for the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industries
Counterfeit drugs entering the supply chain is a growing problem around the world. Consumer and patient safety is crucially important within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, as well as, the eroding bottom lines of most pharmaceutical companies due to counterfeit medications infiltrating the supply chain. > more

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