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A comprehensive variety of industrial strength barcode printers and printer engines are available for the demanding and mission-critical requirements of the manufacturing process. Known for reliability and durability, SATO printers, along with SATO's industrial and smart labels, provide reliable, high quality printing in the harshest manufacturing environments.

Whether it be tracking inventory or distribution and logistics planning or tracking work-in-process, SATO’s barcode printing solutions help save time, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve productivity.

The complete SATO product line includes direct thermal and thermal transfer printers, OEM print engines, printer accessories, label design software, labels and thermal transfer ribbons.

Application Stories

Produce Company Overcomes Labelling Challenge
West Coast Tomato in the US, improves productivity and customer service with a redesigned printer/applicator system. A well-designed label communicates important product information, helps manufacturers and shippers comply with government and industry regulations and standards, and (if bar codes are involved) acts as the cornerstone for automated tracking and shipping applications. > more

Packing Verification System
Copeland in the US wanted to find a technology-based solution that could quickly and easily check the packed orders to make sure they were 100 percent correct.
> more

Track/Trace Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry
Today’s manufacturers, regardless of what they produce, have no choice but to follow the private sector’s and government-required mandates. As examples, two particular industries, namely, the pharmaceutical and food industries have very specific and important mandates to ensure consumer safety. > more

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